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Thought I'd dodged Covid-19, thought wrong

Covid-19 was first reported in the UK on 31st January 2019, since this was over two years ago I don't think that I was being over-optimistic in thinking I'd avoided it but alas not. It has sneaked up and caught me unawares from places undefined.

Looking on the bright side, a huge amount of research has been carried out and vaccines developed at great expense so, along with the various mutations, I doubt that it is going to kill me just yet so thank you to the scientists.

A couple of days ago I had 'the sniffles' and one of my friends commented that my voice sounded a bit off but I didn't really think a lot of it as I felt fine.

Two days ago, I woke up feeling like my chest was being sat on, I had a high temperature and could not stop coughing.

Yesterday was not quite so bad, still the same symptoms but not as severe so I tried a quick bike ride, I live at the top of a hill which is usually not too bad (on my ebike that is), I really struggled to get up it and had to sit and chill for an hour when I got home.

Today it feels slightly better again but it certainly looks like a few days taking things easy would be wise. Fortunately, I've just received my monthly online grocery order so a bit of isolation won't do much harm.

Time off work? there is not really a lot of point as I'm expecting to work from home all week anyway.

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