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Thought I was fitter

Since we are now in lockdown our exercise options are more limited. Also, I have actually not used any of my bikes yet this year due to it being very icy.

I currently have a regular weekly appointment with the nurse at my local surgery to have a wound dressed, it is always the first appointment on a Wednesday morning which is handy as it does not stop me doing anything else.

This week I decided to walk (through the ice) as I'm still trying to limit my car usage (I must publish an update about that at the end of this month). It is a round trip of about three miles, all downhill one way and uphill on the return. The hill is a vicious three-hundred-foot climb and it is pretty unusual to see anyone taking it on but what the hell, I cycle everywhere so it will be easy... right?

Well, I got home with only one brief stop to catch my breath, mission accomplished. The next day my legs simply would not work and with calf muscles were on fire. I guess walking and cycling do not use totally the same muscle set!

This was a bit of a surprise. I have now decided to make a point of walking more often rather than always using the bike and, as part of that, will continue to do this particular weekly trip on foot until the treatment is complete which will hopefully not be too long.

Does this make me want to use the car for what is a pretty short journey? Not at all, I am enjoying the benefits of 'active transportation', I think my mindset has changed as I now see the car as being for longer journeys only unless I have to carry something large or heavy.

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