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Trying out Morrisons Local

Well, our Walter Wilsons shop, which turned into a Co-Op, which turned into McColls has now turned into a Morrison’s local. I’ve known this for a while but rarely need to go in that direction since I ditched the car in lockdown although the walk there and back is only a mile.

I needed some bread for some morning toast so went to have a look to see what they sell (it is not a big shop), and what the prices are like.

My shopping list wasn’t too long. 12 Medium Eggs cost me £2.64 compared to the £2.45 they would have cost in the ‘big’ Morrisons in town. Similarly, thick bread for toast was £1.00 against 75p. These prices don’t feel excessive for a convenience store and there was actually a reasonable range available including a small amount go fresh produce.

As it is open until 10 pm every night it could be handy to be fair, clearly getting up in the morning is less of a speciality as it does not open until 7 am.

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