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Trying to lose some weight

Back at the start of December 2022, I hit 18 Stone (118kg), which is just too heavy. It is true that I've been a fat bloke for decades and since I started cycling my weight has gone up in the dark months and down again when it gets light and I can get out after work a bit more. I didn't wasn't it to go up further so started using the Nutracheck app again.

This is s great app as it allows you to enter data on what you are eating as the day progresses and it links in with my phone and watch to assess how much exercise I'm actually doing.

Rather than a fad diet with instant results, I've found it allows me to achieve a flatter weight-loss profile without feeling starving all the time and allows me to know when a 'treat' is a reasonable choice that I've earned. I'm hoping thids will make it more sustainable rather than just piling the pounds back on when a fad diet stops.

Anyway, the lighter nights are here now and next week I'll be starting to out again after work (weather permitting). I'm pleased to note that, rather than putting on more weight, I've actually lost half a stone.

Nutracheck is a subscription service but it is only about the price of a pint (ironic) a month and I think it is well worth it.

Do I have a specific target weight? not really, but if I can lose a bit more it will certainly make the hills easier. It would be nice to reach the point where I'm medically considered overweight rather than obese but that may be a bridge too far, for me that would be 15 Stone and 11 Pounds, lighter than I've been for over 30 years.

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