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Vape Rebuild

I've had this GeekVape Zeus tank on my vape since September 2019, I have a second vape with another the same. Maintenance has been zero apart from coil changes and I only do those when it either tasted really burnt or stops working, none of the high-maintenance flavour optimisation approach from me.

Recently it has started leaking slightly so I decided to bite the bullet and strip it down totally, give it a good soaking in warm water and put it back together with the spare seals originally supplied with it. This was a fiddly job rather than a difficult one. There are a lot of seals and they are not all easy to get hold of, I used a sewing needle in the end. Having said that, it only took ten minutes.

The difference is like night and day, not only has it stopped leaking, but the flavour is also loads better, I imagine there must have been a poor seal letting air in somewhere. Looks like I'll have to do the other one to save disappointment.

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