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Wet shaving - one year update

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

It is a year since I got rid of my beard, mainly because it kept getting tangled in the buckle of my cycling helmet.

At the time I said I'd try wet shaving since it is cheaper than buying an electric shaver. I also decided to use old-school blades and a safety razor rather than disposables as this is a lot better for the environment because the blades and packaging can be recycled and there is very little plastic waste.

On the subject of recycling the blades, I put them in an old tin, when it is full I will seal it and recycle that, it would not be a good idea to pop them in the recycling without some protection.

So how is it going? Well, my main concern of cutting myself to shreds has not become a reality. I find that I can get away with shaving roughly every other day and sometimes give it a miss at the weekend so let us say 180 times a year.

I purchased the following;

  • Wilkinson Sword shaving brush @ £2.99

  • Wilkinson Sword shaving soap @ £2.45

  • Gillette 7 O'Clock safety razor @ £5.12

  • Super Max double-sided blades (400 for £13.00)

The soap is on its last legs but the brush has plenty of life left and I expect the razor to last my lifetime. Obviously, I still have a lot of blades left too. Overall I think it is costing me a little bit over £10.50 per year, that must be a lot less than canned foam and disposable razors so the economics work out well.

My only gripe is the blades, I went for the cheapest of the cheap and they are rubbish, after just one shave they are as blunt as a hammer. I expect slightly better ones may last a couple of shaves and actually work out cheaper, I'll find out in another year. I'm also going to try a shaving stick for the soap next time (I have an Arko one in the cupboard ready) so that will be even less plastic.

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