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Whatever is couscous?

It is a pretty silly name for a start. Until today, I'd never knowingly eaten couscous. A few months ago I was in Aldi and spotted Bramwell's Lemon & Coriander Couscous, a dried packet, I figured it was worth trying so into the trolley it went. When I got home, into the cupboard it went and stayed.

Yesterday I'd cooked a remains of a packet of decent sausages and there were a couple in foil in the fridge so I decided to slice them up and see if they might go with couscous.

Add boiling water it said, I figured that the quantity is fairly critical so I followed the instructions for a change. Leave covered for 5 minutes and hey-presto, it is ready, chuck in the sliced sausages and there is a meal.

In fairness, I thought it was pretty good and made a change from the instant noodles I'd have used otherwise. I will keep my eye open for some more or even consider the 'real' unflavoured stuff.

Maybe I should also try jambalaya, cock-a-leekie soup or even rumbledethumps; all foods with silly names which I've not got around to just yet.

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