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Why Blog?

So I've got a blog and you have been kind enough to read it, but why do I do it? Does it have a meaning, is it just an egotistical exercise?

According to the Internet; "Blogging enables you to reach the billions of people that use the Internet", well they would say that wouldn't they. I've certainly seen no evidence of it, all of my 'hits' to date have been from the north of England (presumably from people I know) with the exception of one visitor from somewhere close to Lviv in the Ukraine. I hope that they were enlightened by my outpourings.

I started my website as somewhere to publish my CV. Having done this, I realised that it might be handy to store some recipes and website links for my own reference so that I could access them from any device. The Blog followed just to see how it works on Wix (pretty well actually).

I was told that it is 'good for the soul' to keep a journal but I did not fancy that. I do post on Facebook but that is just for my friends or hobbies and I have found it useful to be able to add links to my ramblings rather than typing them in every time the same question comes up in a forum.

To be honest, having a blog seems to be a bit like using Twitter, 'pissing in the wind' with no idea who (if anyone) is listening.

I'm not trying to cover any specific topic and am probably not regarded as an expert on anything I do blog about but hey, it is something to do. I wouldn't take anything I blog too seriously.

Maybe one day I'll be spotted and go viral earning millions as an Internet superstar. If not, you will have the honour of being one of a very exclusive group of people who have read this nonsense.

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