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Stock Car Racing

Why Stock Car Racing? In a nutshell it goes back to when I was a young child back in East Anglia. In those days the big fenland sports were speedway and stock cars (not a ball in sight) and our family had chosen the cars. We used to go to Wisbech, Swaffham and Ipswich on a regular basis (most weeks). Stock Cars are a very family oriented sport with some families association going back several generations.


As I got older it never left me and this was helped when I took my first IT job close to the original Aldershot track where I started to mechanic and got to know many drivers personally.


Fast forward a few years and I purchased my first stock car and went on to race in several different formula (mainly in the North and Midlands) where a lot of fun was has, albeit without any spectacular results.


I do still go to meetings sometimes, although my current location does limit this, and over the years I have made many friends within the sport on both sides of the fence and have also been involved in journalism.



Long Eaton 1989 1.jpg
Chirk banger 1.jpg
Wimbledon 1990.jpg
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