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Growing up in East Anglia where it is flat and sparsely populated, a bike was the usual and only form of transport as a younster. I drifted away from it for 40 years when I started driving but in March 2020 I bought myself an NCM Moscow Plus eBike (Boris) and have started cycling again for leisure.

Although I see a big future for eBikes in personal short distance travel I have added other cheap second hand 'accoustic' bikes to my shed too. Admittedly some get used more than others.


Each bike is seen as an ongoing project with no defined scope or end point and the maintenance of them is part of the fun.

I'm not into lycra and will never make it as part of the cycling mafia, I'm very much a bloke who enjoys riding a bike rather than a cyclist. In principle I fancy touring a bit but lockdown and other projects have prevented me from actually doing this, so far so my longest trips are usually 2-3 hours.

So to answer the common question "is an eBike cheating?"; frankly I don't know and couldn't give a toss, I guess it just opens up opportunities for a wider range of people.

Social Media Responses

Here are some responses I tend to use to try to educate drivers when I see negativity towards cyclists on social media. Only my own views but please feel free to copy or to share a link if you wish

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