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what3words - the 'must-have' app

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

What3words is a free app I have on all of my devices but rarely use, so why keep it? Simple, it really is a potential life-saver.

In concept it is very simple, the entire surface of the planet has been carved up into blocks about 3 metres square and each is given a name made up of 3 random words separated by a full stop. The app on your phone will tell you which one you are in.

If you find yourself in a crisis and are lost, the emergency services recognise these addresses and can find you.

The app also has a feature to allow you to search for one of these names and then links to Google Maps or Apple Maps to navigate to the required location. Businesses are increasingly including their what3words address on their websites too.

Ingeniously simple but incredibly effective. If you do not have it you really should install it, you may never need to use it but if you do it could be very helpful indeed.

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