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The BRISCA stock car season started yesterday at Kings Lynn, a bit far for me to go even if my shoulder (and the lack of a car) wasn't preventing me from travelling by car. I decided to try out streaming the meeting from This is something I've never tried before.

The meeting (4.5 hours of entertainment) was available for £12.99 but I opted for the £14.99 package which has a time-limited replay capability and funds the 'driver of the day' award.

I was very impressed, the coverage was far better than expected, it works on a camera (several) only basis using the on-site commentary for a soundtrack.

I found the meeting easy to follow and enjoyed it, so much so that I never got around to collecting the beers I'd put in the fridge. I will certainly use this again and could even make it a regular thing with a few beers and a pizza.

Obviously, the real thing would beat it but, if you can't get to a meeting, this is a very good alternative.

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