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Console Gaming - A Beginner's Woes

I'm still very new to this gaming thing, arguably I started a little late at 60 years old but, hey-ho I'll give it a blast anyway. Having progressed from just a few hours playing Township on an iPad (I enjoyed that until it got repetitive), I'm now the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch and have been for a few weeks.

Not knowing where to start, I bought a new Zelda game with the Switch, a few random cheap (possibly for a reason) secondhand ones from eBay and some free downloads from the Nintendo store. I now have twenty to choose from varying between battle games (shooters), quest games, driving games, and puzzle games and have given them all at least a brief go on a fairly random basis and have found myself increasingly frustrated.

In many cases, I start and then die almost immediately or just get cluelessly stuck with no 'fun bit' in the middle.

Surely there has to be more to it than that, after all, a lot of people claim to enjoy it and spend countless hours sitting at their consoles.

On reflection, I think I've been trying too many different games and learning nothing about how to use them properly. I've decided to concentrate on just three games for a while and see if I can get a better grasp of them or put them to bed forever. My selection will be

  • Spiro the Dragon

  • Max, the Curse of Brotherhood

  • Fortnite

Last night I spent an hour (longer than my usual half-hour) playing Fortnite which has pretty good graphics. Before I started, I even looked up what the controls are for in the game (not usually into instructions for things). I'm still not 100% sure what I'm trying to achieve in the game but I did manage to kill 2 of the 99 other players with an axe before getting machine-gunned to death (how can I get a machine gun, they look pretty useful?).

Although I'm still completely useless, I did find myself getting into it a little more. Will I ever be able to finish in the top half of players? I'd like to.

There is more to this than I imagined. I'm hoping that narrowing my range of games and then researching how to play them might pay dividends.

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