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Could this become a garden?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

In a perfect world it would be nice to have some outside space to enjoy the weather when it is nice, I live in a terraced house and my 'garden' is actually a walled slab of crumbling concrete with the longest wall being north-facing.

For years I have simply closed the blinds and ignored it, just removing any weeds each autumn if I remember. I did once put a few plants in pots along with a cheap bench, I got a contract away from home and the plants died from lack of water, the bench started to rot and after a few years I gave it to kids for the annual bonfire night event that is traditionally held close by.

I think it is time to try again, slowly without spending a fortune in case I end up working away from home again, but ideally it would be good to get things going so that the structure is in place and at least some hardy plants are established before I retire as that is now less than ten years away.

I've cleared all of the weeds and here is my blank canvas, to be fair it can only get better. Who knows, I might even find I enjoy it although I expect I'll make a lot of mistakes on the way. I've also created a page under 'interests' on my website to track progress.

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