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Whoops, another NCM ebike

I'd almost managed to go through 2023 without buying another ebike, this would be a record since I adopted them as my preferred mode of transport. Alas, an eBay mail based on a saved search returned something I just had to have a look at. An NCM Venice Plus.

I already own two NCM ebikes, a Moscow Plus for fun and a Venice (not a Plus) which I use for longer road trips. They are not the most modern of technology but they are very sturdily built with hub motors rather than the modern mid-drives, I've found them to be very reliable with the exception of broken spokes (they cut the budget a little too tight on those).

The advert stated 'spares or repair' and makes it clear that it needs some 'recommissioning' but is basically rideable. The pictures show a number of broken rear spokes (the weak point on an NCM bike unfortunately and something I've very familiar with resolving.

There was a 'buy it now' price of £250 which puts it comfortably in the range of worth getting even if only for spares (motor, controller and battery would all be potentially useful), it also has a bespoke rear luggage rack which also fits the Moscow (I don't have one) and the Plus model features Hydraulic brakes so could provide one of a number of upgrades for Alphonso my Venice). The bike has about 2,500 miles on it so it has clearly worked well at some point.

The bike is some way from me (near Leeds) but not too difficult (potentially tempting fate here) by train for a further £50, so I contacted the seller to see if they could hold it until next weekend and then hit the buy button.

What will I do with Delbert (the choice of my random name generator) when I get him home? I'll assess that later as it is quite possible that I already have everything needed to recommission him and a full 'ready to go' spare bike would be a handy thing to have in the shed at that price. Another option would be to leave him permanently kitted out as a commuter to go to local offices (I visit a few) or even to pop on the train for my Carlisle office visits (this could save me up to two hours each time). I guess that collection next weekend will answer my question.

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Dec 25, 2023

As a quick update, 'Delbert' is now in his new home and works well. There is no doubt that I have got a bargain here, and I'm sure I will get several years of regular use from him. I use a bike several times each week as my main form of personal transport, I've got several to choose from but the Venice does have the advantage of being a very versatile bike (highly recommended based on my experience).

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