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Do we learn from educational toys?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

There was a recent post on Facebook discussing our favourite toys from back in the day. Mine included an educational toy 'Juneero'.

Juneero is described on the Internet as follows:

Juneero was one of a small group of mechanical construction sets which involved the actual cutting and shaping of metal (others were N-G-Neero and Prestacon). It also included some prefabricated parts, such as gears, wheels, and tyres.

Using Juneero you could take thin metal strips (maybe 1mm thick) and punch holes in them and also bend them accurately to allow you to construct your own toys or other items. The parts could them be bolted together. Effectively it was a bit like Mecanno but a but more advanced as the holes and shapes were fabricated by you.

I spent quite a lot of time designing and then building thing with Juneero as a youth but did I actually learn anything from it? I guess so as I did develop an interest in design and applied maths (mechanics) which certainly helped me at school and later in life I went on to enjoy making parts for my stock cars and I've fabricated many things since.

Happy Days.

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