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UK eScooter legalisation - Its all gone quiet

Obviously, there has been a lot going on in politics of late in the UK, I’m not sure that this necessarily bodes well for the legalisation of electric scooters in the short-term simply because parliament probably just has higher priorities right now and getting time for a bill is limited.

There was an update in the summer, and this link is about as much information as I can find. Basically, it says that no news is.... no news.

Do I want one? I think that it depends on precisely what the rules are if it is ever sorted out. Obviously, I’ve got my ebikes and a scooter would arguably be an unrequired option (although I'd still like one). I think that my decision would be driven by

  1. Where can they be used, unless cycle paths are included, a scooter would probably not benefit me much at there moment as my main route to town would require this

  2. Exactly what is allowed; ideally I’d like to put together something like the picture but with mudguards and a rear pannier rack, unless self-build is permitted it would probably be a while before something like it came onto the market and I do expect type-approval will prevent this in the short-term. The small wheeled machines are a lot less appealing on the terrain I would ride on

  3. What power is permitted, I live at the top of a hill and 500W is probably the entry point for me

  4. Will the train companies allow them to be carried, this would make a significant difference to my justification

Anyway, time will tell but I’m not hiding my breath right now.

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