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Experimenting by the Lighthouse

The weather was nice first thing this morning after last night's thunderstorms but the rain is forecast to return for most of next week, best to make the most of it while it is possible so by eight o'clock I'd walked a couple of miles down to the harbour with my fishing rod and a small amount of tackle.

The tide was on its way out and a couple of meters down on its maximum so the chances of actually catching anything were slim but I knew that when I set off.

Although I had a go with mackerel feathers for half an hour, the purpose of today was to try out soft plastic lures as I've not used these before.

The sea was quite calm and it was clear enough to view how the lures react to rod and reel which is what I had been hoping for. I think that I learned quite a bit about how to play them so hopefully when I use them at a better time, I will be ready.

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