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First Rod for 45 Years

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Back in my school years, I used to go coarse fishing quite often but I've not done so since. I have been thinking about getting some basic tackle again and trying my luck in the sea from the pier as part of my overhaul of hobbies and interests.

Today I finally got found to it. I had no idea what to buy so I chose to go to the Cumbria Tackle & Guns shop in town to seek some advice. The guy in there was very helpful and sorted me out with a complete starter kit for £80 which was slightly less than I expected to spend. I now own a 13ft Logic Vader XS rod, an Axia Nautic Wave 8000 reel and a few other bits and pieces.

Next Friday, I have a day off work so hopefully the weather will be OK and I can go down on my bike with my new gear and work out how to use it while it is not too busy.

My objective here (maybe not on day 1) is very clear, I can't see myself standing there on a bitter winter night 'having fun', but I would like to catch something I can eat. Not to save money, just the 'hunter, gatherer' thing, I hope there will be some mackerel about soon, they are my favourite.

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