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Mackerel 0 - 4 Steve

Finally, my first catch. The mackerel seem to have arrived as there were other people catching them too.

Yesterday afternoon I switched to tinsel feathers, I'm not sure that it was a factor to be honest as nobody was catching much before and this time there was more general success.

I managed to catch 4 mackerel of which two were big enough to make a meal so came home with me. No a great haul maybe but it is a start and two was the right number as I've not cleared some space in the freezer of any more yet.

To date, I've spent 12 hours fishing this summer so an average of one fish every three hours, I hope that can be improved on.

Mackerel for lunch then. My next stop is YouTube to find the easiest way to fillet them neatly, I've done this once before and my efforts were effective rather than professional.

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