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NCN Millenium Mileposts

Although I was aware of the 'Millenium mileposts' on the National Cycle Network were and have passed several of them many times, I'd never actually stopped to examine one until today. It was pretty humid and I fancied a break.

When I got home, I had a quick look on the Internet and found that there are 1,000 of these (maybe not that much of a surprise) and that they were funded by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Apparently there are four different types. There is a full story on Wikipedia which also gives a brief history of the National Cycle Network and is worth a read (I'll not repeat it here).

I'll start keeping an eye out and see how many more can be spotted on my travels.

These days, most of us have phones with Satnav or even GPS devices on our bikes so I suppose their practical value is limited other than as a reference point but it was nice to know how they came about.

Anyway, for anyone who has no idea what I'm on about, here are photos of a couple I noticed today along with a close-up of some of the text.

I believe that there is currently a voluntary programme to refurbish some of these so that they do not rust away.

For reference, these are on NCN72 in West Cumbria.

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