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Playing Township - Any Good?

Updated: Jan 25

Computer games are something I have only ever dabbled briefly with, I've nothing against them but just haven't gone there to date as there is only so much time available. I'm going to want something new to do on the winter evenings so decided to have a look and see if this might be the answer.

Where to start? I've got an old iPad so decided to start with something that worked on there, the first one which came up on the list of suggestions was Township, I know this is one of the big boys making a staggering $200M per year but it was free to download and also worked on my desktop computer.

I rationed myself to no more than an hour a day and played for 30 consecutive days to see whether I enjoyed it and what it cost, I was pretty sceptical in both areas when I started.

The game revolves around building a town from scratch. Grow crops, sell them to buy factories and shops, use them to collect money, use this to build houses to increase your population, grow more crops and so on. To increase the speed of development you can buy some of the things needed for building and I found myself spending a little on this to stop the game from stagnating. I had expected it to be expensive but my actual bill was around 56p per hour which feels like very good value although I suppose it would start to add up if I'd played for longer each day (my attention span is not great).

Will I continue playing it? possibly but certainly not until I've had a significant break as it did start to become monotonous and the way around this is for it to force you to play increasingly less relevant or interesting slide shows, for this reason, I'm going to rate it as 3/5.

Still, it has been an interesting ride and I surprised myself by enjoying it a lot in the early stages and not finding the money pit I had expected. Where next? watch this space.

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