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Running a 'Budget' eBike - My Experiences

The Internet is full of bike snobs who assure us that any eBike costing less than about £5k will break down in a matter of weeks and won't go up a hill.

Are they correct? It is certainly true that an expensive mid-drive bike has some advantages, especially of-road, but I have been running a couple of rear hub-motored cheapies for quite a while now and have enjoyed the experience.

What does my experience show? If you just want a fun form of transport rather than something suitable for more extreme competition, you can still do pretty well on a smaller budget. I've put my findings into a short diary to prove this.

It is certainly true that I have still spent more than some people could manage and actually I've found that it is the tools, clothing and 'extras' which have cost me more than the bikes and most of these are one-off purchases with many of them being very optional.

Anyway, here it is, I'll update it from time to time (maybe a couple of times a year).

Budget ebike diary
Download PDF • 17.85MB

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