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A death in the camp

Back on July 7th, I captured 11 queen ants locally, until yesterday I still had all 11. Alas, Queen 10 (a Lasius Niger and I'm not the sentimental naming type) has died after 39 days of captivity and probably around 10-15 days before the eggs she produced were likely to complete their journey to adulthood.

I have looked closely and can see no obvious cause of this so guess it will remain unexplained. The remainder still seems to be doing well and I am expecting worker ants to hatch in the next 2-3 weeks. Sad as it is for Queen 10, I'm still very happy with the survival rate to date although I'd expect several more failures before we can consider any of them to be fully functioning colonies (I was hoping for 2-3 to make it all the way and that is still my expectation).

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