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An Expensive & Bruising Crash

About 10 days ago I had a bit of a crash, if you follow me on Strava you may have noticed that I have only done a small number of short rides since, that is because I bruised my back quite badly and it has been very painful riding although it is largely better now.

It was a very silly and embarrassing crash. I was dismounting outside the local chemists, close to a large queue of youths waiting for their Covid jabs, when I trod on my own shoelace, fell backwards and landed across a kerb with my legs tangled in the bike frame. I managed to get to my feet and hobbled home with the bike home in shame.

On inspection, the amount of damage was completely disproportionate to the speed of the crash.

  • Derailleur hanger bent. This had to be mended by the local bike shop, I have since purchased a hanger alignment tool at £23.49 and a spare hanger at £5.99.

  • Derailleur cage twisted. Also fixed by the bike shop, total bill £25.00

  • Brooks saddle rail is broken. Currently away for repair by Brooks at £45.00

  • Rear Mudhugger broken. I'm trying a temporary repair (see below) but will need a replacement at £23.93

A total unplanned spend of £123.31, that is a lot for a little tumble.

I would not have bothered to patch the mudhugger as I know it won't last long (it has very little left to glue things to) but the weather forecast is not good for the next few days and I cannot get delivery and an opportunity to fit a replacement until next weekend.

Here are a couple of pictures of the damaged mudhugger and some patches (plastic display hangers for a couple of Sealey sockets purchased recently) which I've fixed on with gorilla glue, there are similar patches on the inside.

Yes, I know that the mudhugger is dirty but I did clean the affected areas with rubbing alcohol before glueing them.

Anyway, I will leave the glue to cure overnight and will be out for a pre-work bacon ride at dawn so what are the chances of it being a wet one.

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