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Bike DIY Disc-Brake Pad Change

I took the rear wheel off Boris (my NCM Moscow Plus) to swap the tube out as I find it easier to do this and then repair them for use as a spare. Whilst I was at it, it seemed like a good idea to change the brake pads as they were significantly worn. I've not done this before but actually, it was a very straightforward job.

These are certainly the smallest brake pads I've ever changed (on a beer mat to show the scale), I'm more used to changing them on a car or van. The brakes in question are Tektro MD-M280 Hydraulic (180mm) which I find very effective.

The replacement pads I chose are generic (cheap) metal sintered ones and made the first trip down Kells hill a little interesting but they seem to have bedded in OK after about 10 miles.

The front pads could also do with being replaced but I will let the rear ones have a hundred miles to bed in fully before I do so, hopefully, this will mean that I continue to have close to 100% braking efficiency throughout the process.

The tips that I would pass on are

  • Remove the calliper from the bike, it is far easier this way and only involves removing two 5mm Allen bolts (use blue thread sealer when reassembling)

  • On no account should you touch the brake lever when doing this. If you do so the piston will activate and you will have a job to put it back in fully, and will probably need to bleed the system too.

  • Avoid touching the pad surface or disc rotor with your hands, they are easily contaminated with grease which will reduce your braking.

All in all, a simple DIY job that most owners can manage themselves.

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