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Buying a secondhand ebike battery

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Spare ebike batteries don’t come cheap, I quite fancied one for my Pinnacle Lithium Ice as it is a nice bike to ride and would be suited to day trips if it had a little more range, typically it will do 30-40 miles on mixed terrain on the Shimano 418wH battery it has. Anyway, it would have to be second-hand or manage without as they are £400 new.

I’d set up an eBay search set and seen a few adverts come and go over the last few months, I’d been put off by price or condition or simply by a lack of clear information on charge cycles etc.

One was listed a few days ago, with a buy-it-now price of £200. There was a lot of detail on the use and why it was up for sale (a spare that was rarely needed), the seller also had very good feedback and was clearly not a trader.

The clincher was that he would not post it (Royal Mail do not permit this although many people do it). I figured that someone who follows these rules is an honest seller.

The collection was a pain as I had to take four trains and two escooter rides (the photo is from the destination station), this took 7.5 hours although it only cost me £25. Anyway, I now have a perfectly functional spare battery with plenty of life left in it so all is good.

Here’s to some longer rides.

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