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Chain Cleaning on a Budget

I've finally run out of the 'specialist' bike chain cleaner so rather than buying more it was off to Screwfix for some of their own, but is it any good?

The simple answer is yes, it is just as effective as the 'brand' products. I used it along with my Barbieri chain cleaner and brush (from Planet-X) and the results are excellent.

Just a few of words of caution (these apply to all degreasing products).

  • Wash your chain off with water and dry before reapplying oil, otherwise your new oil will be 'degreased'

  • Your skin needs it natural greases, use gloves

  • Although the cleaning machine is sealed it is still wise to wear glasses

  • Avoid splashing your brake discs / pads

  • Wash your chain-stay afterwards

This stuff is £8.99 a gallon and is excellent value as it should last a mightly long while.

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