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Do I stay, or do I go?

I've got my small collection of ants and have enjoyed watching their behaviour, they also have an amazing ability to frustrate me as they consistently fail to participate in my best endeavours to keep them well. So is this just a passing interest or could it develop into a full hobby?

Being me, I'd set a couple of eBay searches up to alert me to any potential interesting purchases if anyone else packs in and sells up. This bundle showed up and I made an offer, including the postage it has cost me £60 so it looks like I'm staying for a while at least.

So, is £60 a lot to spend on investigating a hobby? I'd suggest not in reality. If I was not sitting here writing this right now and preparing to check out what I've blindly invested in, I would have gone to the pub; £2 for the bus, £25 for beer, £15 for a takeaway and £8 for the taxi home. That is £50 'saved' which is about the going rate for a fairly quiet night out so do it twice and I'm quids in.

Right, time for a bit of Google time to see what I have actually bought.

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