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Driving Licence Rip-Off

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Did you know there is now a financial penalty for not having a current UK passport? I didn't until today and frankly I'm rather unhappy about it.

I received my driving licence renewal reminder through the post today (£1,000 fine if you don't do it so don't put it off). The cost is £17 for passport holders and £21.50 for everyone else.

The justification for this is that a non-passport holder needs to visit a Post Office and have a photo taken but surely the Government know the numbers and should have factored this in to allow a uniform charge rather than a two-tiered one. This is setting a potentially dangerous precedent.

Surely in the post-Brexit world I should get a discount for not wanting keep my coin in the country (joke).

Yes, the difference is only the price of a pint, but that is not the point.

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