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eBay Fishing job lot - a bargain?

I'm just starting out with fishing, in fact I've not actually been yet. I did but a cheap rod and reel and I got a tackle box with a lot of stuff in it from eBay but what I was missing was the option to use pre-made lures. Well no more, I'd seen the prices on line and was going to invest but then along pops this eBay job lot covering both metal and soft plastic lures.

I watched this from the point is was listed right up until the end and managed to put in the winning bid. I paid £68 plus £4 delivery, was it a bargain? I think so, almost all decent branded gear with most of the soft plastics being sidewinder which seems to have a great reputation.

There are also a couple of sets of mackerel feathers, some other rigs and a wide selection of hooks, Anyway, off to bed, I'm planning to give it a try in the morning if the weather is OK.

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