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Five miles of drama, a tough Tesco trip

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I’m feeling rather sore and a bit sorry for myself this morning. Yesterday's wee jaunt into town on my bike unexpectedly turned into one of the toughest rides I’ve had to date.

It started off well enough with a late morning potter down to the bacon van for some brunch and a couple of mugs of tea. Next was a wander through town and a bit of light shopping in Tesco. No drama so far so what would go wrong.

I went back towards town across the Harbourside and stopped off for a Mr Whippy from a van (these are a failing of mine). I leant the bike against a railing and the wind sent it crashing to the ground the moment I turned my back, great.

There is then a steep climb to the cliff tops, no problem. Heading into a strong wind I was bowled straight off the bike by a dog which suddenly darted in front of me at the last minute. The owner was extremely apologetic and even offered to pay for any damage but in fairness, I should be wise to the random behaviour of dogs by now.

At least neither the dog nor I seem to have any lasting damage although there are some impressive gashes and swelling in my knee (I was in an area of broken concrete). The new m mirror I blogged about only a couple of days ago didn’t survive the experience so it will be back to metal motorbike one for me.

To add further insult, I then fell off the bike again after remounting as the chain jumped off and got jammed.

Anyway, I straightened the bars and mudguards etc last night so time for another try this morning.

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