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Hand-made fishing rigs from eBay

One of my planned winter projects is going to be making my own fishing rigs, it should be possible to save a bit and will hopefully be rewarding too (assuming that they work).

There are plenty of designs on the web, many tutorials on YouTube, and I probably already have most of the materials.

What I don't know is what standard I should be aspiring to, so far I've just been using cheap sabiki rigs from the shop or eBay and they are poorly made with low-quality materials and last almost no time at all.

For some time, I've been following eBay seller 'The Rig Shack' who hand tie and sell rigs in bundles (the postage is a killer otherwise) but I've always been outbid at the last minute.

Anyway, I finally got lucky and won an auction, they turned up in a couple of days, really well packaged. A selection of pulley, pulley pennel, flatfish, flapper and up-and-over rigs in varying hook sizes. Must say, I'm blown away by the quality, if I can even get close to it with my own I will be well happy. If mine don't work out, I know where I'll be looking to source them.

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