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InPost - The new ‘worst’ budget carrier?

I’ve not encountered InPost before, in fact, I’d never heard of them. Anyway, I ordered a bike part from eBay, and that is how it was sent. Ten days later and it had not turned up, it only had to travel about 35 miles across rural Cumbria so that was a bit disappointing.

I checked the tracking link and it appeared as sent but in transit so I asked the seller to chase it up. They were very helpful and did so straight away.

A couple of days later and it has finally arrived. What a route though, I’ve tracked it all the way and measured it with Google Maps and it is a shade over 900 miles of journey to get 35 miles to a destination.

  • Carlisle

  • Newcastle

  • Oldham

  • Perth

  • Oldham

  • Carlisle

  • Whitehaven

I’ll not be using InPost by choice, worse than Hermes and that is not a statement I make lightly.

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