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Job lot 3 and tackle update

My third eBay fishing job lot has arrived, so why did I buy this one? basically, I fancied a couple of Red Gill lures and bumped into this while looking as it contains nine of them (the long thin ones). The lures are mainly used but still usable and at £10.50 it all cost less than I was going to spend on just a couple of new lures. There are also some muppets included which look impressive but I believe they are primarily for boat fishing over wrecks so not of much use to me.

I'm completely sorted for soft plastic lures now until I gain some experience in what works for me, I'm also covered for metal lures although I am keeping an eye on a specific auction online and may put in a last-minute bid if the price stays low.

Hard plastic (floating) lures I have only a couple of and may buy a couple of cheap ones, but I'm not too bothered if that is an option I leave until later.

Rods and reels are covered, I have the one I bought in the shop and also picked up a couple of different-length ones online for the price of a couple of beers, they came with very low-quality reels but I expect they will see me through this year at least.

That leaves fishing with bait, the job lots came with quite a few hooks and odds and ends of line and swivels which I've not bothered to picture. There are a lot of rig-tying tutorials on YouTube so I'm going to have a go at making my own rather than buying them, I need to learn to tie some different knots so there is my opportunity for practice.

I'm sure there are bits and pieces I'll find that I need but think I've got plenty of options available to me to have a proper go at this and see where it takes me. Hopefully, the lob-lot approach means I have wider coverage than if I'd bought individual items new, and I'm hoping that the cost for at least the rest of this year should just be replacing things I lose. If I find that I spend a lot of time fishing I can review where I want to go with it over the winter as I do see it as something to stick with for the long term since I live by the sea.

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