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Managing Unexpected eBike Costs

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I'm in a few eBike groups on Facebook, a theme which has come up a few times is the 'disaster' of a sudden unexpected cost if a motor or battery requires unexpected replacement as these parts can cost several hundreds of pounds each.

It is worth noting that these costs should not be 'unexpected' as they are service parts which will require replacement in due course, inevitably running an eBike is going to cost slightly more than a traditional one as there are additional components (still a VERY cheap form of transport). Warranty will cover them for a year (beware, many warranties are not transferrable) or more in some cases. Both the battery and motor can have their life extended by sticking to the usage guidelines, particularly with regard to battery charging and not washing them with a pressure washer.

Anyway, I have responded to the posts of woe with a really simple tip which I use. My comments have met with many 'likes' and a lot of people have stated that they will do the same thing.

It really could not be a lot easier. Battery life is generally expected to be a minimum of 1,000 charges if used correctly and the motor should also last several thousands of miles (arguably hub motors last longer than mid-drive) and may be repairable in some instances too.

All I do is keep a pot with my charger and pop a pound into it (along with any loose change in my pocket) every time I charge the battery. By the time I need an expensive replacement, I should be more than covered and in due course I will probably also have enough saved up to get a second ebike (I do rather fancy an electric trike one day as it would be easier for shopping trips).

I started off with an old jam jar but it was too easy to rob it when I needed some change so I've invested in one of the pound shops and upgraded to a cute patriotic pig.

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