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Motorists and Cyclists - Living Together

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

There is often a lot of antagonism between motorists and cyclists on social media, this seems to have increased since the first lockdown, possibly as there are more bikes on the road. I have put together a few words to respond to some of them via a link rather than either ignoring them or having to retype each time. I do feel that we should try to educate other road users rather than just ignoring negative or ill-informed comments.

The purpose of my responses is not to try to create further friction between the two 'groups' but more to explain how things feel from a cyclists perspective (my own anyway). I'd also point out that I drive a car (over 1,000,000 miles so far) and so do a significant percentage of other cyclists. I hope I can see things from the driver's view too and that this is a balanced view.

There are some bad cyclists out there (just like bad drivers) and am not trying to excuse this, we also make mistakes sometimes, just like drivers.

I have published this on a separate page on my website here, please feel free to copy it or to use a link to the page if you share my opnions (I'm not afraid of receiving adverse feedback). I'm sure this does not cover everything so I'll try to add to it from time to time when I see other points raised.

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