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My Beginners Pier Fishing Kit

A complete disclaimer here, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, I won't let that stop me though so here is my current kit to be shot at.

I have got a large tackle box at home and sometime soon I will adapt my bike trailer to carry it and a couple of rods for fishing tips (a good excuse to get a better trailer for domestic use), but at the moment I'm walking down to the harbour to fish and getting the bus home. This means I want a very portable kit.

I've used what little knowledge I do have to put this together in a cheap single-layer eBay tackle box. The concept is that I can add it and a reel and towel into a carrier bag and, along with a rod and a tiny pocket box containing a few swivels and clips, it should be good enough to give me at least some flexibility for a short fishing session from the pier.

So what does it contain? I've got a few sets of various mackerel feathers with different-sized hooks, a random selection of small and medium soft plastic lures (changed each trip to learn what works for me), a few small metal lures, a small selection of medium-weights, some scissors and a set of medium straight forceps. Oh, there is a tape measure to answer the famous 'how big' question if I get lucky.

I hope this will cover most bases for summer pier fishing and will tune it as I go, but at least I'm now a bit more organised than I was with the flimsy Amazon box full of loose bits which I was using.

If I progress to fishing with bait before the trailer is ready I can add a second box as the one I'm using came in a twin-pack but I think I'll try to learn to walk before giving the running a go.

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