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Northern Rail are to blame for this

I had a weekend break booked to Newcastle, tonight I should have been staying in the Travelodge on the Quayside which would have been nice. I'd planned to watch a band in Trillians and to have a trip on the Metro and across the ferry which I've not done before.

This went wrong on Thursday when I received a mail saying that my train had been cancelled, I'd already had to book it from a station in a different town due to weekend work and that would have been a pain (the main road to get there is also closed for major works). Anyway, I took the offered refund and cancelled my hotel booking while I still could.

To my mind, the money was dead, I'd already spent it once. It seemed like a good idea to invest it in something else so it was off to the laptop to have a browse.

This rod and reel combo cost me £34.99 with free delivery, exactly the same as the hotel refund. Although it is a 'cheapie' and is not going to last a lifetime, it should last longer than the cancelled weekend trip and hopefully be good enough to see if I get on OK with spinning. It is due to arrive on Tuesday and the train refund has been invested on Amazon to get some lures to turn it into a complete spinning and plastic lure kit for a beginner.

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