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The value of knowledge

A few years ago I used to primarily fund my hobby of RC racing by selling spares in what is a specialist niche market.

Some of the spares themselves were also specialist parts, I didn't sell those apart from a few that I could make myself. However, most were simply standard engineering parts which I was aware of due to my background but most racers did not have that advantage. I bought large boxes of each item from the trade, packaged them nicely in smaller quantities so that it all looked professional and resold them with better descriptions on eBay. I sold several thousand packages.

I did the same with some spares for 3D printers although I've never owned one (I do dream of it though, they are super-cool).

Why do I mention this now? A fishing rig building starter kit I purchased contained some fish attractors. They did not look very specialist to me so a quick search on Amazon was called for.

On the left, attractors at £2.75 for 250. On the right, sewing sequins at £2.40 for 1,500. Undoubtedly exactly the same product so I know how I will be buying mine. I expect that some research on fishing beads will yield similar results.

I'm thinking that, when I finally retire, I could comfortably fund a couple of daily afternoon pints by identifying and repackaging things for specialist markets and absolutely plan to do so.

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