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Toby-style metal lures

I won the eBay auction which I mentioned in a previous post. Ten Toby-style metal lures for £10.46 including delivery, a pretty good deal I believe as all are unused and in new condition although I think they're a few years old.

The swivels and hooks on them suggest that they are probably originals rather than cheap copies. That is it with metal lure purchases for now, I think I've got enough of a range in size, colour and weight to allow me to experiment and see how I get on with them.

There is an area by the harbour where Im planning to fish when the mackerel arrive which has very few serious snagging obstructions. I'm considering if it might be worth popping one onto the bottom of a mackerel rig instead of weight to see if I can attract anything while reeling in although it would reduce casting range, the cost of many of these has been no more than a weight so there isn't actually a not to lose by trying.

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