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Today was a mistake, my mistake

I went for a bike ride today, I was only planning on going into town but got a bit excited and ended up in the next town (Workington) which is a 22-mile round trip.

Since I wasn't going far, I did not take my toolkit so that I had more room in my backpack for shopping. You can probably guess what happened next.

On my way back I got a thorn in my rear tyre (seriously ironic as only last night I ordered a replacement puncture-resistant tyre). This happened in no-man's land, too far to go back and get the train but still 6.8 miles from home. My only choice was to push the bike back home in the high wind (up to 40mph) and hail, largely uphill. This took me just under two and a quarter hours.

I'm knackered, an early night I think. I never realised it was that hard to push a bike with a flat tyre uphill. All my own bloody fault as well.

Lesson learned; I can't blame anyone else. I have ordered a small frame bag to try to squeeze a spare tube, levers and CO2 pump into. It will probably get stolen at some point but at least the whole lot is probably only 15 quid.

First job tomorrow, fix it. I really can't be bothered right now, I'm going to drink tea and eat cake. Hang the consequences.

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