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Was my ant-keeping eBay job lot a bargain?

Last night, I got around to actually looking to see what the £60 investment I mentioned the other day had actually bought me. It had been delivered well packages and everything was in great condition, in fact, I suspect some of it was unused.

I have pictured just one nest (probably the pick of the bunch) but the bundle included

  • Wakooshi Gen 2 S1 Outworld @ £14.95

  • Wakooshi Gen 2 S2 Starter Module @ £11.95

  • Various Wakooshi connectors @ £1.50

  • Small nest with temperature and humidity module, is this an older design from Hightechants, loads of connectors and must be worth £35.00, it is fitted with feet to allow the use of a heat cable.

  • Hightechants 4-way connector @ £9.67

  • Hightechants 4-way double connector @ £12.69

  • Hightechants small Outworld @ £43.99

  • Large Metal Tweezers @ £3.50

  • Small Sheet of Red Acetate

  • Blunt Syringe @ £1.00

  • Hook Tool @ £2.64

  • Wakooshi Escape Prevention (part-used) @ £1.00

  • Pipette

  • Stainless Steel Anti-Static Tweezers ESD-13, ESD-14 & ESD-15 @ £2.50

  • Test Tubes

  • Various Tubing

  • Several Jelly pots @ 0.50

  • Variety of seeds @ £2.00

  • 2 small feeding bowls @ £1.00

  • Variety of plastic outworld plants @ £1.00

  • Set of 5 byFormica liquid feeders of various sizes @ £20.00

Did I get good value? Undoubtedly, buying this new would have cost over £160 plus delivery so probably £200 in total and it does not really duplicate anything I already have and gives me some good options for the future although I accept that the need for the larger nest and outworlds may be 12-months away.

To make this more useful, I would like to have ordered red lids for the Hightechants modules but they come from overseas (Netherlands) so work out to be quite expensive and I can make some myself when I need them.

I'm watching another bundle on eBay at the moment, no bidders yet so here's hoping.

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