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Whoops, tipped the trailer over

Did my longest bike and trailer trip to date this afternoon, 21 miles. I did have a bit of a scary moment though. I was coming back from Screwfix, downhill over the Parton speed bumps.

I forgot that I'd got the trailer on my bike and was going at a pretty silly speed. I only remembered it was there as it tried to overtake me on its side and was trying very hard to throw me off the bike which would have been pretty nasty.

Fortunately I just about managed to catch it in time. It seems that my adrenalin system still functions OK anyway.

There was no damage to the bike but the trailer suffered some serious scuffs on the steel frame, a puncture and a rip in the top cover. I've fixed the puncture and cleaned and painted over the scuffs (I'd only got yellow paint but expect that will do), the cover will just have to stay as it is.

So, why is there a car in the picture? I posted this story on Facebook and my sister took the opportunity to remind me that I got knocked off my bike by a Vauxhall VX4/90 as a kid whilst doing my paper-round, this would have been somewhere in the mid 1970s.

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