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Wiggly Worms in the Fridge

My ants need a combination of sugar and protein to thrive, the sugar is easy, I use Sunburst Nectar which is made for the purpose and a bottle will last many many months.

The protein has a wider variety of options, the Messor Barbarus have seeds but I do have two colonies of this species, the larger is all up and running collecting and processing seeds so no problem. The smaller consists only of the queen and three young workers so I'm less confident about their ability to process even crushed seeds. I'm trying chopped-up mealworms to see how that goes. I'll also try them on my small lasius niger colony.

The mealworms have just arrived, there are enough to last the ants for an almost indefinite period. I've popped them in the fridge (and may get in trouble for this) to see how they are accepted and will freeze some if it goes OK.

I guess that being called a mealworm puts you some way down the food chain.

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