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Wilko - the final countdown?

It looks unlikely that the Wilko shops will remain open for more than a few more days barring a last-minute buy-out. I hope I'm wrong as I like the place and find it very useful, I also feel sorry for the staff, they have always been helpful and polite.

That aside, I'm not missing the 'fire sale' and popped in to stock up on seeds for next year at a hefty discount.

Wilko sells (or sold), handy household goods at a reasonable price. It is probably the victim of our broken car-centric society with out-of-town shopping being the preference for many.

If it does go it will make things harder for those people who actually live in my local town itself, which is quite a lot of the town itself and don't have access to a car. The planners of yesteryear have a lot to answer for.

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